Joel Tempestti is a dancer from the Province of Mendoza, with more than 20 years of experience, dedicated to Argentine folk dances and Tango. Teacher, choreographer member of renowned dance groups and companies, artistic producer and Director of Fame Tango. He is currently a member of the National Tango Network and the Tango dance work table.

He has participated as a dancer and trainer in different Festivals and Shows throughout the country as well as in the countries of Chile, Japan and Italy consecutively since 2015.
Agueda Mansilla is an outstanding dancer, choreographer, teacher and producer from the province of Mendoza, with more than 20 years of experience, recognized in 2016 by the Honorable Chamber of Senators of the Province of Mendoza for her contributions of cultural values.

Director of Fame Tango and TM producciones. Member of respected companies and casts from Argentina, awarded in recognized Festivals. She has taken her art throughout Argentina as well as in Chile, Brazil, Italy and Japan.