Grace Saad is a choreographer, dancer, singer, actress and producer of artistic events. Director and dance teacher in her art and dance studio for 29 years.

Master of artists who worked professionally on works such as Billie Elliot, Mamma Mia, Priscila the queen of the desert, Caravan, among others. Her students have participated in prestigious dance and theater competitions, obtaining first places in their categories and a revelation award at the Mary Rosa Brasil dance festival and at All Dance Argentina.
She is also a producer of children’s theater plays for professional billboards in Buenos Aires. She has participated in television programs as a special guest in artistic segments such as Show Match, Doctor Cormillot’s program, Thank you for coming Thank you for being, in the latter she was in charge of the performance of a choreography tribute to actor and director Arturo Puig.

She teaches Musical Theater courses and seminars throughout the country. She recently produced Musical Theater plays (adaptations) such as Scrooge, a Christmas Carol and Annie, the Musical.