David Gómez known as Drako is a Panamanian professional dancer, director and choreographer with 18 years of experience in the world of dance. He has worked with different artists such as Nigga, Belinda, de La Ghetto, Jowel and Randy, Dyland and Lenny, Miguel Ángel, Chenoa, Makano, Aldo Ranks and Dubosky, etc.

He has attended seminars with Michael Jackson’s choreographer in 2008; Courtney Miller, with Beyoncé’s choreographer and P. Diddy: Rubén Fusión, with Janet Jackson’s choreographer: Jason. He has also taken dance classes in Los Angeles: Millenium (Nika Kljum year 2014), Movement (Lyle Beniga, year 2014) and Debbie Reynolds (kennis marvelous, Lando Wilkins, Phlex.

He started his love for dance in the streets of Panama Dancing break dance (Breaking). He has worked in television programs as a jury, choreographer and professional dancer in Panama, Los Angeles, Ecuador, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Spain, among others. He has traveled to more than 20 countries giving workshops, seminars and preparing schools for competitions. Director of TNG Dance Studio. Great exponent in Urban – Style, Bachata Urbana, Performance Show, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and Commercial Dance.